Arpico Mattress - Spring Mattress

Posture Support Spring Mattress

Journey to the realm of dreams on the soft wings of uninterrupted sleep thanks to effortless body weight distribution owing to individually nested springs. These springs react independently to distribute body weight evenly. In addition, it supports your back, eliminating any discomfort and the feeling of being bounced out of the bed.

Available Sizes

SizeRetail Price
72x36x12 40,614.00
72x48x12 54,631.00
72x60x12 68,169.00
72x72x12 81,946.00
75x36x12 42,698.00
75x48x12 56,931.00
75x60x12 71,164.00
75x72x12 84,940.00
78x72x12 88,535.00

Super Orthopedic Spring Mattress

Close your eyes and experience the sensation of floating on a soft white bed of cloud as you welcome a well-deserved spell of uninterrupted sleep. But this is no ordinary rest. This is rest that also provides Orthopedic comfort to your back whilst you sleep. What’s more, the mattress will bounce back to its original shape even when you toss and turn.

Available Sizes

SizeRetail Price
72x36x8 36,241.00
72x48x8 49,420.00
72x60x8 61,500.00
72x72x8 72,481.00
75x36x8 38,437.00
75x48x8 50,518.00
75x60x8 63,696.00
75x72x8 75,776.00
78x60x8 65,892.00
78x72x8 79,620.00

Spring Time Natural

The 5 Zone pocket spring mattress is made with natural latex foam. The mattress consists of a latex foam layer, an ultra soft layer, a high density and a premium quality 5 Zone pocket spring, which provides comfort while you sleep. The fabric is made with Aloe Vera which makes the mattress fire retardant and resistant to dust mites and fungus.

Available Sizes

SizeRetail Price
72x36x10 29,653.00
72x48x10 40,360.00
72x60x10 50,738.00
72x72x10 60,128.00
75x36x10 31,136.00
75x48x10 42,502.00
75x60x10 52,550.00
75x72x10 63,422.00
78x60x10 55,186.00
78x72x10 65,893.00

Spring Time Super Comfort

Consisting of a high resilience foam layer, the Super Comfort mattress is made up of an ultra soft foam layer, a high density foam layer and a premium quality 5 Zone pocket spring, which allows for a comfortable rest as the mattress bounces back to its original shape if you change positions during sleep. This mattress is designed with the anti mite, anti fungus and fire retardant quilted charcoal bamboo fabric which is naturally resistant to dust mites and fire.

Available Sizes

SizeRetail Price
72x36x10 28,005.00
72x48x10 36,242.00
72x60x10 46,126.00
72x72x10 55,186.00
75x36x10 28,829.00
75x48x10 37,889.00
75x60x10 47,774.00
75x72x10 57,657.00
78x60x10 50,244.00
78x72x10 60,128.00

Spring Time with Memory Foam Layer

The spring mattress with memory foam layer is scientifically designed using a space – age technology which improves the blood circulation of the sleeper and reduces pressure on the sensitive areas of the body such as the neck and the shoulders. Along with the 5 Zone pocket spring mattress that sleeping is indulgence.

Available in a 10 inch version.

Available Sizes

SizeRetail Price
72x36x10 26,358.00
72x48x10 35,418.00
72x60x10 44,478.00
72x72x10 53,539.00
75x36x10 27,182.00
75x48x10 36,242.00
75x60x10 46,108.00
75x72x10 55,186.00
78x60x10 47,774.00
78x72x10 57,657.00

Spring Time Pillow top Mattress

The pocket spring pillow top mattress ensures you and your partner sleep undisturbed due to individually nested springs, each of which placed in a material pocket and sewn together with other pockets. Because each spring is separately packed, they each react individually and distribute bour body weight independently, where usually the pressure applied to the spring at one end of the mattress can have an effect on the springs at the other end. This stops "rolling together" and the feeling of being bounced out of the bed each time your partner moves.

Provide even more comfort due to the super soft foam layer which adds to the comfort already provided by the individual pocket springs.

Available in a 10 inch version.

Available Sizes

SizeRetail Price
72x36x9 24,943.00
72x48x9 32,796.00
72x60x9 39,353.00
72x72x9 47,226.00
75x36x9 25,621.00
75x48x9 34,161.00
75x60x9 40,994.00
75x72x9 49,193.00
78x72x9 51,162.00

Regular Spring Mattress

The finest springs are balanced equally to make the body weight spread far more evenly than a normal mattress. It adapts to the shifting of your body weight and supports you body ensuring that both health and comfort lie together. Spring mattress with a quilted cover provides good spinal alignment when sleeping on your back.

Available in 8 and 6 inch versions.

Available Sizes

SizeRetail Price (6” height)Size Retail Price (8” height)
72x36x6 14,807.00 72x36x8 19,568.00
72x48x6 20,128.00 72x48x8 24,952.00
72x60x6 25,179.00 72x60x8 32,470.00
72x72x6 30,213.00 72x72x8 35,883.00
75x36x6 15,737.00 75x36x8 20,395.00
75x48x6 20,797.00 75x48x8 25,591.00
75x60x6 26,235.00 75x60x8 34,609.00
75x72x6 31,473.00 75x72x8 40,588.00
78x72x6 32,729.00 78x72x8 42,205.00

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